Lower Level

"A Solar Monticello 2" / Completion 2005               

The original Byland solar house burned to the ground in 2003 and was rebuilt reusing the cellar foundation walls and detached garage which survived the fire. The redesign retains the original site plan, solarium and overall massing, but introduces south facing clerestories and a geothermal system in place of solar collectors; an open loft living area in lieu of individual rooms; and reuses the cellar for additional bedrooms and a media center in place of the former solar rock storage below the solarium. The open loft has increased the sense of interior space, the new clerestories flood the north facing rooms with winter sunlight, and light wells bring light into the cellar spaces.

The local utility company tracked energy usage when the house was completed. Annual energy costs were approximately 33 cents / square foot and at no time did the geothermal system exceed 40% of usage with the remainder for appliances and lighting.