Photos © James McCullar
"A Solar Monticello" / Completion 1981

The house is a synthesis of active and passive solar design and local architectural influences, which reference back to Kentucky and Virginia.  The plan and octagonal solarium recall Jefferson's Monticello, and vernacular shed roofs incorporate the solar collectors. These images work to create a sense of place on the open site and Fayette context.  The house was included in the exhibition and Rizzoli publication "The Making of the Architect 1881-1981, Columbia University".  Jackie Byland has written:

"James McCullar has worked with our family in designs for our solar home and dental office over a period of 18 years…there is hardly a day that passes that now that we do not still marvel at his designs for both the office and our solar home. Our lives at work and home continue to fit perfectly like a puzzle into the spaces he created especially for us".