PS 50
PS 50 Auditorium

PS 50 Poscenium
Rear Wall Elevation

PS 50 Rear Elevation
Proscenium Elevation

PS 50 Plan
Auditorium Plan

Restoration of a public school auditorium / Completion 2009

The auditorium in a 1920 New York City public school building that is eligible for listing on the National Register for Historic Places was modernized to include new programmatic requirements. The scope included 1) reconstruction of the floor substrate with new floor finishes; 2) new seating to match the original; 3) refinishing the stage and addition of a wheelchair lift; 4) replacement of doors; 5) restoration and extension of oak paneling with addition of acoustic treatment; 6) refinishing and painting ornamental plaster frieze and column capitals in multiple colors; 7) restoration of wall murals added in 1994; 8) new stage and window curtains; 9) theatrical lighting, audio system, and intrusion alarm.
The project was done in association with Oppenheimer Brady Vogelstein AIA.