Redesigned layout for a corner building

Two narrow tenements combined for a new layout

Modernization of tenement buildings / Completion 1985

Nine abandoned tenement buildings have been successfully transformed into 102 public housing units,
a community space, and retail stores.

The developer / design team was selected in a competitive RFP process based design and construction cost. The project was as an opportunity to explore prototypes for tenement reuse.  The goal was to retain as much of the original architectural character as possible, including stoops, facades and stairhalls, while incorporating the needs for contemporary apartment planning and code compliance.  The upper two floors were designed with duplex units to reduce the number of walk-up flights, which contributed to variety of unit types. In the case of the buildings shown above, the stairhalls were rebuilt; and two narrow tenements in the lower building were combined to form one building.  Like 1660 Andrews Avenue, the completed units could have appealed to market rate tenants.